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ElektroModula Sdn. Bhd. (EMSB)

We at EMSB offer wide range of electrification solutions like Commercial Electric Vehicle (EV) Conversion & Development that leverages on Modular Packaging integration, Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Development for EV cluster & information display, Home & Commercial Charging Equipment Development & Supply, Commercial EV (buses, box vans, trucks and special purpose vehicles) Exterior and Interior Design & Development plus new Energy Generation Solutions.

A Malaysian based company, EMSB strives to provide electrification solutions for commercial or any special purpose vehicles like buses or delivery vehicles that is traditionally powered by carbon based fuels to a more green electric powered ones. This is done by incorporating cost effective methods through its in-house modular packaging innovation that includes battery pack, electric motor, DC-DC & DC-AC converters, On-board Charger, Battery Management System (BMS), Thermal Management System, Vehicle Control Units and relevant sub systems. 

From the process of commercial vehicle conversion, EMSB also noticed that there is a need to replicate the functions of meter clusters for electric system controls, hence a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) that is able to display the working parameters of the converted electric is vital and one of the solutions provided by EMSB.

This also paved way for our Home & Commercial charging equipment development and supply, Exterior & Interior Design & Development  and our foray into new Energy Generation

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